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"Hal provided us with an objective assessment of our fulfillment supplier, made forward thinking recommendations for efficient process improvements, provided us with proprietary tools so we could manage the process internally and then trained our promotion planners to make our promotions more consumer-friendly. His broad-based business acumen was invaluable to our organization."

Ed Conti

Fulfillment Operations

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare


"I first met Hal in 2001 after taking over responsibilities for promotion fulfillment operations at Sprint. His counsel was extremely valuable toward bringing me up to speed on every facet of this industry. Based on the information he provided to me, I was able to author and implement an RFP to fully investigate the providers available.

The results were astounding. I was able to deliver a 70%+ reduction in unit price with dramatically improved turnaround times. Utilizing a broad spectrum of low cost communication tools including the web, email and postcards, our team was able to improve customer satisfaction and maintain call volumes even after launching increasingly complex offers.

Hal taught me to “follow the money” across every aspect of the operation. Using this unparalleled knowledge base, I was able to save my employer millions of dollars on an ongoing, annual basis. The expertise Promotional Marketing Insights brings to the table is quite simply, without equal."

Michael Scrivener

Former Marketing Program Manager


Overland Park, Kansas


"My experience in working with Hal has been nothing but positive. He knows consumer promotion inside and out. Hal was able to accurately predict the redemption rate on one of our largest promotions when fancy formulas and analyses could not. He also added tremendous value by identifying areas of promotional vulnerability enabling us to game plan against risk."
Rita Stockett
Pepsi-Cola Marketing

"I have had the pleasure of working on many projects with Hal over the past 11 years and have found his knowledge and experience to be invaluable. In short, Hal is the most knowledgeable person I know regarding design, implementation and analysis of projects in the promotion space."

David Terry

General Manager

Consumer Promotions Group

American Express Incentive Services


"Hal's expertise and understanding of both the mechanics of the promotion process and the consumer motivations to participate is second to none. He offers a compelling business partnership that is rare in today's marketplace because he delivers tremendous efficiency and doesn't compromise either what's important to the client or your end consumer. If you want to improve your results and the quality of your investment call Hal, his results speak for themselves."

Nancy Dahl
Senior Vice President
Lifetouch Studios


"I have known Hal Stinchfield for approximately twenty-five years, fifteen as an employee of Young America Corporation.

Hal is one of those special people who, in the sales promotion industry, is quite simply, a star.

While his enthusiasm and extraordinary people skills are obvious, his more discreet strengths lie in the depth and breadth of his expertise in the subtleties of successful and efficient promotion management.

Through his experience managing literally thousands of consumer promotions, he always made it a point to go beyond the norm in mentoring clients and associates about fulfillment. He helps them to understand the relationship between the unique characteristics of their marketing strategies, the successful implementation and effective execution of those plans. He became an invaluable asset to them as a trusted advisor and counselor.

His understanding of marketing trends was very useful to our senior management team, as we sought to invest in new systems, facilities, and technologies.

At Young America, he was known for his ethics and integrity, and without equivocation, I highly recommend Hal Stinchfield for any assignments in his fields of expertise."

Jay F. Ecklund
Former Owner
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer
Young America Corporation


"I have found Hal Stinchfield to be one of the most knowledgeable and experienced business consultants I have ever been involved with in sales promotion.

He has been an asset to the strategic planning and implementation of our promotions and a key contributor to the increased efficiencies and improved effectiveness of our programs."

George T. Baroody
Lorillard Tobacco Company
Greensboro, NC


"I have had the privilege of working with Hal Stinchfield as a member of my senior management team since December 2000. He is a very talented executive and is highly regarded in our organization. In addition, the client community universally respects him.

One of the reasons for his many successes is his ability to organize complex projects, solve unique problems and control the expense of our clients' marketing activities. He is a champion of client's rights and works tirelessly to create cost saving solutions to our client's sales promotion, fulfillment and call center services applications.

His drive, energy, and integrity have been invaluable assets to every project he has undertaken for us.

I would recommend him without reservation as a consultant who is capable of creating custom solutions for client issues - whether they entail RFP development, vendor analysis, project management, or cost containment initiatives."

Terry Niles

Former President
Archway Marketing Services

“Working with Hal Stinchfield extends well beyond execution of the task at hand and flows into many more disciplines. In Hal, you get great judgment, experience, vision and guidance and many more intangibles that are hard to fit into an online profile. Hal has a superior ability to recognize great ideas, talent and vision, and harness them into a top notch collaborative effort. His decades of experience are unmatched and I am honored to have worked with him in the past, present, and well into the future.”

January 27, 2010

Jeff Sauer, Principal / Director of Interactive Marketing, Three Deep Marketing was with another company when working with Hal at Promotional Marketing Insights

We retained Hal’s services in 2007 to assist in the selection of a fulfillment house for our B2B application. He reviewed and helped define our business requirements and recommended potential partners for us that best met current and future needs.

He continued work with us through 2010 guiding our decision making process as we expanded into ecommerce and numerous sampling and marketing initiatives.

Hal has the experience and knowledge set to give granular analyses of the effectiveness and potential ROI of an initiative before those valuable dollars are invested. He will take ownership of any project you assign him to manage, working tirelessly to deliver a solution or recommendation that meets, or exceeds the needs of the stakeholders. Hal has maximized the effectiveness and efficiency of our Marketing programs and identified and helped implement countless cost savings opportunities totaling over $250,000. We look forward to working with Hal in the future.

 Paul Larsen – Associate Product Manager- Nestle Consumer HealthCare

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