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At Promotional Marketing Insights, we have only one mission:

Everything we do will benefit our clients. Period.

We have a relentless passion for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of consumer promotions and other marketing initiatives.

This entails a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis of every conceivable metric affecting customer satisfaction and program expense.

We know where to look - it's what we do.

This isn't about finding the lowest cost service providers, it's about finding areas in which too much money is being wasted.

Every year, millions of excess dollars are spent in over redemption, incorrect reward amounts, customer service expense, premium procurement, freight, and even storage.

It isn’t intentional – it just happens.


People get promoted; divisions get acquired; details get overlooked.

" The total cost for our rebate programs is increasing every year - how do we evaluate the efficiency of that expense, and get our costs under control?"

One of our incentive programs is not giving us the ROI we expected.”

"We have so many invalid respondents, consumers are complaining left and right - what should we do?"

We need some help selecting a fulfillment supplier for our mail-in rebate offers – we think we like one, but how can we be sure they’re the right one?”

We bought too much inventory for our last continuity offer and now it’s collecting dust in a warehouse – and we are paying storage charges on it.”

We drafted some offer copy for our last promotion that consumers didn’t understand and it made the phones ring off the hook -how do we fix the current issue quickly and be certain we don't repeat the same mistake?”

Some of our consumers are getting multiple rebates for the same purchase; we don't know if this is a supplier problem- or our direction to the supplier- how do we figure out if this is our issue or their issue and correct it going forward?"

"We tried to transition suppliers for fulfillment of our point-of-sales materials- and right in the middle of the process, our account manager quit.”

The stories are endless, they happen daily – and we know how to help.

Promotional Marketing Insights has expertise in some of the more obscure disciplines in which runaway expenses and costs are often overlooked.

Give us your challenge, or tell us what your concerns are, and we’ll figure out a solution.

We’re both on the same page. We only have one mission…

Everything we do will benefit our clients. Period.

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