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Promotion Optimization

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Promotion optimization means that every dollar spent on consumer promotion must provide the maximum rate of return. Every dollar.

It also means that the promotion strategy must be consistent with the brand's objectives- and be both effective and efficient.

The typical planning process for most promotions entails creative, approval, development, implementation, execution and delivery.

The amount of time between concept approval and execution is often a year or longer. During that period, there are usually so many personnel changes that the team responsible for planning and budget development have often moved on by the time the promotion is executed and delivered to the consumer. As such, when the budget begins to exceed initial estimates, none of the original parties are available to explain how the budget was developed and take appropriate steps to get it back on track.

It is our responsibility to review every assumption, scrutinize every detail and be certain that the program will come in at or under budget. Clients are always advised in advance if challenges lie ahead with the original plan. And, if a program is already underway, we provide mid-promotion course corrections to minimize liability.

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