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Promotion Management

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The budget for the next fiscal year has finally been approved.

Now it’s time to start finalizing the details for the promotions on the calendar.

Our experience suggests that when promotion plans don’t achieve the desired results, it’s often due to a miscommunication or a disconnect between the brand’s objective and some unique characteristic of the tactic employed.

Sometimes there is a challenge with multiple objectives- enhancing the brand’s image or encouraging consumer response.

Our job is to explain the consequences of each contemplated scenario or modification as the objectives are being prioritized. Then we identify precisely what it will take to encourage the consumer to do what we want them to do. Whether that is encouraging trial, frequency of purchase, or loyalty to the brand.

We specialize in:

  • Pre-Promotion Planning
  • Promotion Management
  • Post Promotion Analysis

We recognize that resources are stretched thin on both the client and the supplier side, so we provide an extra set of eyes to be sure everything stays on track and in accordance with the expectations.

We can help engage 100% of the target audience. Then we’ll manage the execution, analyze the results, and prove the promotion’s effectiveness.

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