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Supporting the Brand

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The marketing manager prioritizes the brand’s objectives and helps develop strategy to achieve the desired results.

The strategy falls short.

Whose fault is it?

That depends on whom you ask, but the reality is this: many sales promotion efforts can be unpredictable. Unless you’ve been privy to the results of literally thousands of premium, continuity, sweepstakes, rebate, sample and DTC offers.

That’s where we come in.

We work with both the brand and the agency to improve the predictability, effectiveness and efficiency of the brand’s strategy.

How many responses will we get?”

What if we put the offer on our website?”

How many premiums should we buy?”

Will the responses be different by media?

"By channel?”

What happens if we offer TV support?”

How can we gain more trial?”

Who’s going to draft consumer-friendly offer copy?”

We can answer all of these questions and hundreds more. That’s our job.

Let us work with your marketing manager and your agency to help improve your brand’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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