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Vendor Transitions

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The organization has just completed the selection of a new fulfillment partner, so the hardest part is over.

Or is it?

We all recognize that selecting a new vendor can be a challenge; but transitioning the programs is where the real work begins.

  • What do we do with existing programs?
  • When do we officially start assigning new programs to the new vendor?
  • How long will the close down procedures last?
  • What about late and corrected requests from the old vendor?
  • How long should we leave the P.O. Boxes open?
  • What should we do about replacements, re-submits and appeasements?
  • When will we get the final invoice from the old vendor?
  • Should we use USPS Change of Address cards for mail forwarding?
  • How do we handle customer service calls?

This is not easy; you may have an old vendor that is experienced but not happy, and a new vendor that’s ecstatic but not experienced.

The challenges can be extraordinary, but the one thing that cannot be put in jeopardy is consumer satisfaction - especially due to the transition.

Customer satisfaction must be the number one priority

In order to assure a smooth transition, it is imperative to have the most experienced vendor-agnostic resource on your team.

That’s where we come in, we:

  • Manage all of the promotion transition details
  • Handle disputes or challenges with potentially disgruntled soon-to-be ex-vendors as neutral intermediaries
  • Make sure there are as few disruptions as possible
  • Establish procedures to be certain your consumers do not suffer as a result of the transition

Don’t go through all of the work of selecting a new vendor, only to have Consumer Affairs tell you that the transition isn’t working well for your consumers.

Call us.

We’ll protect you and your consumers.

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