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Gift Card Usage Tips

Target's Black Friday Controversy

Strategic Marketing Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Age

Coupon bug fixed, but Target faces flak

Tempted by a great rebate offer?

Rebate problem is in the cards

Wait-listed consumers could be in luck for appliance rebates

Rebates: Why we get confused, frustrated and sometimes never redeem them

Rebates get a Reboot

States Make Grab for Unclaimed Rebates

States Seek Return of Uncashed Rebates

Marketers Risk Allegations of Rebate Fraud

Mail-In Rebates vs. Instant Rebates

Federal Trade Commission Rebate Debate Workshop

Play Money

Rebelling Against Rebates

Customer Service Could Fix Promotional Offers

Ending Rebates Causes Decline in Sales

Ten Reasons Why the RFP Process is Broken

The Real Problem with Rebates

Rebates Targeted By Federal Trade Commission - Expertise in Demand

'Rebates Aren't Broken; Management Is': Stinchfield

Slippage & Escheatment

Controlling Rebate Spending

Estimating Rebate Liability

Banking & Fulfillment

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