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On the subjects of rebates, premiums, sales promotion and marketing
initiatives, Mr. Stinchfield is available for television and radio
appearances, interviews and listener/viewer call-in shows. He has been
on the Bob McCormick show on CBS affiliate KNX 1070 News Radio in
Los Angeles, the Pat Miles show on Infinity Broadcasting’s WCCO
830 Radio in Minneapolis, and the Bob Reed show on WBBM 780
Radio in Chicago. In addition, he has appeared live on CNBC TV with Joe
Kernen (see link in articles section).

Hal contributes articles, perspectives and interviews for magazines,
newspapers and online media. He has been interviewed by Brian Grow of
Business Week magazine, Betsy Spethmann of Promo magazine,
Vanessa Richardson of, and Nichole Bell of the
Charlotte Observer. For an example of commentaries, click on the
Articles button on this website.

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